Mission Statement 

My Passion is to pass on my knowledge, adversity and accomplishments with people that need it! I am committed to walking through the fire to ensure I can provide insight and value to my clients. 

We are family, and family is everything! 

Believe in yourself

One incremental step forward towards the rest of your life

As someone who understands that not one single person is the same. Our goals,lifestyles, our place in life often determines various starting points in our fitness journey. I am passionate about helping other achieve their goals. 

Here at 41 Dumbbells I offer comprehensive workout plans, develop and understand the best way for you individually to get the most out of YOUR fitness journey on YOUR schedule 

Weekly Skype webinars to help assist your progress. provide feed back on dieting, lifestyle, workouts, road blocks and focus on lifestyle for better living.

Provide resources, podcasts, products meal plans and hacks 


41Dumbell. Proudly created with

Father son time at Remax Field

My son and I 2019 at a baseball game

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